Takaatsu Nishimura Shihan

7th Dan, JKA

Director of the JKA Asia Oceania Region.

JKAA Chief Instructor

The late Nishimura Shihan (1945-2021) is the founder and Chief Instructor of JKAA.  He began karate training as a teenager in 1958 in Japan. Due to over 55 years of training, international recognition for services in conducting seminars, specialist teaching and networking with the Japanese Karate Association in Tokyo, Japan, his far-reaching contribution is embedded in the Australian karateka spirit.   He has taught overseas in Greece before establishing karate dojos in Melbourne, Australia. JKAA has dojos located in every state of Australia.

Nishimura Shihan’s comprehensive knowledge in Shotokan karate techniques, theory and practices has notably established his credentials as one of Australia’s highest-ranking leaders in organisational administration management and karate knowledge concerning application and techniques. His reputation as one of the finest instructors, assessors and judges was notably established with his peers in Japan and Australia.

His qualifications were internationally certified from JKA, Japan, Tokyo, headquarters. Nishimura Shihan was an international accredited instructor. In December 2016 he was appointed to the position of Director of the Asia Oceania Region.

Over the years, his commitment and passion have seen contributions by personal involvement in competing, judging and coaching competitions on a global scale. Numerous karate awards and teaching acknowledgement concerning specialist knowledge in kata (forms) and kumite (fighting) has placed Nishimura Shihan as a leading authority on karate on a national and international level.

Many of Australia’s karate instructors have been either directly taught, attended seminars or gained higher qualifications and accreditation due to Nishimura’s direct involvement in sharing knowledge and assisting in promoting karate as a lifelong process of learning. He dedicated and promoted the art of karate-do on a global level. His love and passion for karate was embedded in his daily life in upholding the authentic, traditional values of Shotokan karate, he continually strives to promote the philosophy and spirit of Shotokan Karate.

Nishimura Shihan was a friendly, approachable and humble person. In his 70’s, he practices karate on a daily basis with his students. I was so very fortunate to be one of the last students to be instructed by Nishimura Sensei in preparation for my 4th Dan.  He was training and instructing me and a small group 4 days a week, he also expected us to train on the remaining 3 days as well.  In that time I learnt an incredible amount from a true master of karate, I wish he was still here and he is dearly missing.